Samurai Pop 10 in Vanuatu

by Brad Bell Recently I had a chance to use the Samurai Pop 10 while on a trip in Vanuatu fishing with Ocean Blue.  The main target species of the trip was dog-tooth tuna, with some popping thrown in to break up the sessions.  Vanuatu is very different to a lot of the traditional pacific […]

Samurai Slayers

by Grayson Fong After the recent round of bream tournaments, I used the break in our fishing calender to chase a few tuna off Stradbroke Island with fellow Frogleys anglers Tristan Taylor and David McKenzie along with Tristan’s girlfriend Alyssa English. As majority of my fishing is done in shallow waters chasing smaller species, it […]


By Grayson Fong PREFISHING AND RESEARCH This is the second part to our series on Bream Tournament fishing which looks at a valuable tool for your first or next tournament and that is Prefishing and Research. Imagine going into a 10km running race, emotion, ego, adrenalin will only get you through maybe the first 2km […]